4 Reasons to Stop Hiding & Show up for Your Life
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By Kristi Olson

One of my guilty pleasures on a cold winter weekend is to settle in and hold my own private classic romance movie marathon.  These gut-wrenching, heart-warming tales of regret, love lost and love found, still move me to tears no matter how many times I watch them. 


No matter what the era, the classics usually come full circle and the boy gets the girl in the end.  Love triumphs, and everyone lives happily ever after.  I like happy endings.  Life is meant to be full of happy endings.


I recently watched the newest remake of the movie “Jane Eyre” starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender.  One of my favorite lines in the movie occurs when Mr. Rochester first speaks to Jane, the newly hired governess, and asks her “And from whence do you hail? What's your tale of woe? All governesses have a tale of woe. What's yours?”


As women, so many of us have our own ‘tale of woe’ that surfaces periodically.  We hang on to certain limiting beliefs so long that we actually start believing them to be true.  These limiting beliefs keep us from being fully present in life.  They keep us from experiencing the happy endings and new beginnings life has in store for us.


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