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May 4, 2015

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Looking for a fresh perspective of your unique assignment in the world? Listen in to my first official broadcast on the Her HeartBeat network. Download the app and find me on the Executive Leadership channel. It’s going to be an amazing ride! Join me.Download the app today on  Available for Apple & Android.

Behind Her Brand Book Launch

  I’m so excited that today is finally here. It is the official launch of a book I co-authored called Behind Her Brand. My story on how my business has evolved over time is included in this book, along with nine other phenomenal women in business who are living out their dreams. This book takes […]

Shake up Your World. 4 Keys for Restoring the Soul of your Business and Life.

Is it time to shake up your world a bit?  It might be time to choose something different, or at least shift your perspective about success, love, and life.  If something’s not working for you it’s time to change. Change is positive.   Change is exciting.  Change is necessary.  It is good for your mind, business, […]

Born to be Amazing!

            Most of my life I have struggled with the idea that I am even close to being Amazing, much less beautiful, successful, courageous, brilliant, etc. I have always been able to see the sparkle in others and watch them be amazing in who they are and what they do […]

Creating an Impactful and Irresistible Business: How to Express Your Value and Stand out from the Crowd.

Are you frustrated because, …you know what you have to offer the world will impact and change lives, but you aren’t sure how to design a profitable business around it? …there are so many online ways to market your services but you don’t know where to start or they don’t feel authentic to you and […]

Five Strategies to Kick the Feelings of Being Stuck, Frustrated, or Unsure as a Woman in Business

Every woman in business experiences peaks and valleys of success.  If you look at what you want to accomplish in the next five months and suddenly feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Here are five strategies that are sure to give you a fresh perspective on your business and life as you kick those feelings […]